I Want You in French

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.17.38 PM

I can see all your parts now
Every time you look at me something breaks
Give me your hands your body
Eyes meet as we sway
Questions in your dark looks

You try to write on me
Carve your name in
Like its a bathroom door
But you’ll never do it
I’ll leave you wanting more
So you know my thirst
My never ending hunger
You’ll feel it eat you inside
then bloom through your eyes
Coming out of your mouth
Red dripping flowers
Put your lips on mine
Drink it in
It goes down sweet and kills slowly
We halt; time stops and we fall
Mid embrace lips still locked
Follow me home follow me down
Deep and dark and soft and slow
So I can watch your skin glow
Rub against me and give it your all
You’ll hear the right response
Silky sweet whispered in your ear
Lying still and completely alone
Spent and salty and tangled
In the emptiness of the space
The silent darkness surrounding us
Broken not by words, but by separate breaths

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