You Sly Devil | Artist Polly Nor


Darkly comical and uniquely relatable, Polly Nor’s snarky illustrations were created with the millennial woman in mind. Based out of North London, Nor has developed an online cult following while completing projects for Bloomsbury, the Salzburg Festival, and the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Nor’s work features young women, often in the privacy of their homes and surrounded by the accessories and activities of modern life. She captures the honesty and quirky awkwardness of these little moments we experience daily and often in isolation – in the bath, taking a sexy selfie, waiting on a text, or masturbating while watching TV. These lurid little peeks into everyday life are colored in tropical pinks, corals, and reds with splashes of green and blue. While Nor’s refreshing approach initially feels like a guilty pleasure, each illustration focuses the viewer’s attention on deeper, darker issues going on beneath the playful surface and challenges us to rethink assumptions about female sexuality and emotion in modern day culture.

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All illustrations were taken from Polly Nor’s website. To see more of her work, click here.


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