Four 5’s | Four Weekend Inspirations for Five Senses

Read | Creative Block


Danielle Krysa, the curator of the incredible and inspiring arts blog The Jealous Curator, published her first book in 2014. Creative Block is all about unleashing your personal artistic powers through discovering and being inspired by the work of other artists. While the features inside the book are beautiful enough to make it worth the read, what really makes the book unforgettable is the collection of insightful and witty advice from successful artists. The interviews cover a wide range of topics – everything from why artists create to how they overcome creative blocks. The book is a delight and will bring inspiration to any aspiring creative – purchase it online here.

Listen | Death Song by Replicas


Replicas newest release, Death Song, is the single from their upcoming third EP which will be completed later this Spring. The band’s eerie electronic intro lulls you through the first two minutes of the song before launching into a wild foray of electric guitar and growling vocals. The song is restless, angsty, and dirty but never loses focus of the overall feel the band is trying to communicate. Give it a listen and check out their other music here.

Watch | Claywoman Speaks


While this may possibly be the creepiest short film ever created, its also one of the most intriguing. Performance artist Michael Cavadias created the character of Claywoman, a 500-million year old wise woman who – despite her wavering voice, tattered robes, and menacing appearance – travels the world to relieve strangers of their deepest pain. Cavadias’ anti-superhero has garnered attention from The New Museum, HOWL Festival, Le Petite as well as art festivals abroad. This five minute short film was made in partnership with The Guardian and was directed by Rob Roth. Watch to see if the Claywoman’s magic works on you.

Visit | The Illuminated Mural in Detroit


Muralist Katherine Craig spent over a year creating the incredible mural which covers the entire side of the nine-story building on E. Grand Blvd in Detroit, MI. Completed in 2009, the mural has become a fixture in the city known for its growing arts scene and is a must-see for any visitors passing through North End. All of Craig’s hard work may soon be lost, however. The building’s owner has expressed interest in selling the property to developers which would mean the old condo – and the art which has become a staple piece in the city’s landscape – would be destroyed. Craig is currently in a lawsuit and is battling both the city and the building’s owner. We’re keeping our fingers crossed but this may be a sight to see sooner rather than later.



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