A New Kind of Captain America | Misha Tyutyunik


Although painter and muralist Misha Tyutyunik is originally from the Ukraine, his work is all-American. His wild and colorful replications of iconic works of pop art bring new life to the pieces while playfully hinting at a Warhol-esque sense of irony.

Tyutyunik is also a well-known street artist in the New York and Philadelphia scene and has worked with The Brooklyn Arts Council, The South Bronx Economic Development Association, Big Boi Records and other organizations to provide live artwork during events.

Despite the expansiveness and fame surrounding his work, everything about Tyutyunik’s pieces is both approachable and authentic. His passion, vibrancy and humor crash through even paint stoke into the audience’s perspective. They are exuberant and unapologetic. Tyutyunik’s paintings skillfully examine popular culture; they create a satire without reducing the subject to mere parody.

Tyutyunik’s bold, colorful work demands your attention – so perk up and check him out. This is only a small sample, more can be found on his website here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Live Mural of Big Boi Album Cover | NYC 2012


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