3 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

WATTS | Curator


Curated by Jordan “Watts” Watson, this edgy account focuses on emerging artists, graphic designers, and photographers. In addition to doing your Interweb trolling for you, Watson also manages rapper Theophilus London and has collaborated with Karl Lagerfield and Cara Delevingne.

Instagram Handle: @love.watts

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InJung Oh | Artist


Chicago based artist InJung Oh bases her pieces on cultural clashes she’s encountered as a Chinese-American woman. Her recent work, the Thousand Wish Project, is an interactive portion of an overarching piece called Vollossum. The Thousand Wish Project encourages participants to explore their own methods of self-discovery and expression in an effort to create a united, free voice.

Instagram handle: @injungoh

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Jess Hu | Dancer & Art Director

The best part about watching (stalking) Jess Hu is the amount of pure fun that bursts through her work. The hip hop dancer and choreographer has performed shows all over the country for a wide range of events. She’s participated in everything from Opening Ceremony pop-ups to nationally ranked break dancing events, including being one of the top dancers listed in this years Reign Supreme competition. Keep an eye on Hu – we have a feeling this is just the start of her incredibly talented work.

Instagram handle: @jess2sick



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