Three Weekend Inspirations for Five Senses


Read | Can Art Change the World?


Photographer and social commentary artist JR has been called the “French Banksy“. His expansive work, which he calls Pervasive Art, covers entire buildings, roofs, and even city blocks to bring wide social and cultural issues under an artistic magnifying glass. His dynamic portraits typically feature locals or well-known public figures. They hone in on delicate features like smiling eyes, gap-toothed smiles, and smiling wrinkles.

JR has brought his artwork to communities that have been ravaged by war and poverty but are still surviving and working together to build a vibrant community. Often forced to battle local government and surreptitiously create his work, he has completed projects in Cuba, Berlin, Istanbul, Cartagena, and Shanghai.

JR’s work is inherently political, even divisive, but his purpose are pure. He wants to create a better world for people and isn’t afraid to shake things up to do it. You can learn more about the passion and goals that fuel his work by watching his TedTalk here.


Listen | Seefu Lilac

Last month, Black Moth Super Rainbow’s released a 9-song EP on their Bancamp page with little notice and no fanfare. Although this is the first bit of new music put out by the electronic experimental group in over three years, its obvious the band hasn’t lost its touch. Nostalgic without being overdone, Seefu Lilac turns classic synth sounds into a fantastic ever-morphing sound trip without any real beginning or end between strains of thought – kind of like a completely aimless but totally satisfying summer roadtrip.

The EP stubbornly refuses to be back in stock on the band’s webpage but you can stream it here.

Watch | Hamiltrump

While the upcoming elections seem to be a continually growing reason for concern and a sobering reflection on the intelligence of our society, at some point you have to throw your hands up, scream in resignation and follow the age old advice of you gotta either laugh or you’re gonna cry. With that,  we present you with this gem of comedic relief: Hamiltrump.


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